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SMILE LIKE DRAKE CHARITY has partnered with Macquarie University, Maritime Services Authority and the Australian Federal Police to develop *NEW Technology to provide specialized under-water tracking of persons and craft which globally does NOT yet exist.

One child dies every 45 seconds in Asia from drowning. 360,000 people drown every year with young children at greatest risk.  Around the world, drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury and death, accounting for 91% of all deaths of young children in low-middle income countries. In Australia, drowning is the leading cause of injury or death in children aged 1-3 years.This project aims to develop an integrated solution—smart watch hardware & software—to enable underwater and dry-land distressed tracking.  An automated tracking system enables quick rescue and recovery operations when the user becomes submerged or distressed. There are a wide array of applications for the system, from surf life-saving to the armed forces.

AppTrakk is a collaboration between the Smile Like Drake Foundation, Macquarie University School of Engineering, FIRST Robotics Team 3132, Maritime Services Authority and the Australian Federal Police. Our team brings together the best of philanthropy, research, education and youth-fueled innovation.