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Thank you for your support of our 2020 Projects. We are passionate about helping sick and disadvantaged Aussie kids, and hope that you can dig deep in support of the following projects.

Thank you for your support.

PROJECT 1 – NSW - Cost $19,800
Western NSW Local Health District – ASQ TRAK Development Screening Kits x 20 kits

The first 2000 days is a critical time for physical, cognitive, social and emotional health and has been shown to have an impact throughout life. It provides our best opportunity to tackle health inequities that persist across our communities, particularly for Aboriginal people. Early intervention in life can have both short-term and lifelong benefits.

Children who experience disadvantage are more likely to have health and behavioural problems and be developmentally vulnerable at school entry age. 42% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in NSW are developmentally vulnerable. This disadvantage often flows into lesser achievements at school, poorer employment prospects, economic and social situations. Early interventions in the early years are vital.

Child and Family Health Nurses work with families with children from birth to five years of age across 38 regional centres. They monitor a child’s growth and development through recommended child health checks. These screening tools help to identify if children are meeting their milestones and refer children to allied health professionals for early intervention as necessary.

PROJECT 2 - VIC - Cost $14,740
Latrobe Regional Hospital – Paediatric Cots x 2

The parent-child relationship nurtures the physical, emotional and social development of the child. These cots have a host of innovative features designed to enhance parental bonding while maximising patient care. The purchase of these cots will support both parents and nursing staff in caring for some of the most vulnerable patients in hospital.

PROJECT 3 - NSW - Cost $24,532
Shoalhaven Hospital – Advanced Paediatric Life Support Training x 5 & Philips IntelliVue Patient Monitor MX450

This 3-day comprehensive training will provide enhanced treatment and clinical skills for paediatric acute care. Providing better diagnosis, management and treatment of seriously ill children. The Philips IntelliVue Patient Monitor, provides essential care and diagnosis for children in hospital.

What the charity is asking for and why

Kidzfix Rally 2020 is set to be a cracker of a year!

You can support us by donating towards your favourite car or just donating to the main page.

KidzFix Rally is a boutique driving adventure designed to explore parts of Australia that are off the beaten track. We aim to deliver 80% dirt roads during the days and will share with you gems of Australia including small country towns, outback pubs and new friendships

But it's not just about the drive. Over the years we have made a significant impact on children in communities across Australia from small to large projects. Our focus is on making the largest impact with each dollar spent.

This year we aim to raise $150,000 in support of our 2020 projects. Check out the Kidzfix Website to learn more

Thank you for your support. Be sure to follow us on FaceBook