Zero Lives Lost to Blood Cancer

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What we are asking for and why

Today in Australia, blood cancer is a big problem. It’s one of the Top 4 most frequently diagnosed cancers and is one of the leading causes of death by cancer in our country.

As the only national organisation that represents the needs of all people living with any blood cancer in Australia, the Leukaemia Foundation has chosen to take the lead in the conversation around blood cancer. We’ve set a bold new goal, one that will help shape the future for Australians living with blood cancer.

To understand the true scale of blood cancer in this country, we commissioned a comprehensive and ‘first of its kind’ analysis with the aim of identifying the challenges and opportunities that influence survival and quality of life for people with blood cancer.

My Life Counts provides a summary of the key findings, statistics and recommendations for reducing the impact of blood cancer in Australia and outlines the Leukaemia Foundation priorities as we look to achieve the goal of Zero Lives Lost to Blood Cancer by 2035. Those priorities include:

  • Ensure equity of access – meaning no matter where in Australia a person is diagnosed with blood cancer, they have access to the latest and most appropriate therapy
  • Advocate for health service reform – to ensure all people diagnosed with blood cancer receive the same treatment
  • Accelerate research – to drive rapid advancement in treatment, the discovery of new therapies and enable Australian patients to access clinical trials
  • Empower patients – through access to information about their blood cancer and treatment options

Donate through your payroll today to support the Leukaemia Foundation and together we’ll work towards conquering blood cancer and achieving the goal of zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035.